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Nature based therapies

Birch Extract Tea: Benefits, Side Effects, and How to Consume

Especially as new leaves and sprouts appear in springtime, birch extract tea is a rich source of multiple nutrients, including vitamin C and flavonoids (substances with anticancer, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and...

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Nature based therapies

CBD and Neurosis – Can CBD Oil Help?

Neurosis is a common condition that can affect any of us. Neurosis is the experience of excessive stress and anxiety, which can lead to symptoms such as headache, insomnia, hyperactivity,...

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Body and mind

The Human Condition: The Missing Piece for Climate Change Action

As part of our Nature as Medicine series, we met with Dr Irina Feygina, a social psychologist working with multiple actors including policymakers and clean technology providers, to advance climate...

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Ecotherapy in practice

Palm Oil: What鈥檚 the big deal, and what can we do about it?

As trans fats have been banned by an increasing number of countries, food manufacturers have rushed to find alternatives. Palm oil - extracted from the fruit of the African oil...

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Nature as Medicine

This series of interviews provides an overview of the health benefits of ecotherapy, its healing powers, and how we all need nature more than ever these days. We offer an in-depth and sensitive exploration of nature healing capacity and how practitioners from various disciplines can enrich their practice with it.

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