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Nature based therapies

Bee pollen – properties, effects, how to use

Bee pollen is a natural product of plant origin collected by bees. It is a tiny grain, clumped into balls, which bees produce by collecting pollen from various plants. Bee...

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Nature based therapies

Dog therapy – what is it? What dogs are used in dog therapy?

In today's busy world, we are looking for a variety of forms of therapy that not only provide mental relief, but also bring joy and pleasure. One of the most...

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Body and mind

Anxiety disorders – symptoms and treatment聽

Anxiety disorders are a common mental health problem affecting millions of people worldwide. While anxiety is the body's natural response to stressful situations, anxiety disorder is a condition where the...

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Ecotherapy in practice

10 natural ways to improve sleep quality聽

Sleep plays a key role in maintaining physical and mental health. It is during sleep that the body regenerates, produces new cells, strengthens the immune system and processes information from...

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Nature as Medicine

This series of interviews provides an overview of the health benefits of ecotherapy, its healing powers, and how we all need nature more than ever these days. We offer an in-depth and sensitive exploration of nature healing capacity and how practitioners from various disciplines can enrich their practice with it.

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