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Beata Borowiec

Food technologist. Expert in the field of creating taste and smell in food products. Graduate of numerous postgraduate studies and courses in healthy nutrition, health prevention, health promotion and ecological behavior in a household:

"Plants and plant raw materials for health - quality and use" SGGW

"Dietetics in internal and metabolic diseases" WUM

"Household study" UP Poznań

Professional course - Anti-age therapy specialist. Occupation code: 323090

Biolite adaptogen phytotherapy. Phytotherapeutic programs for longevity. Biolite phytotherapy diet. Integrated therapies.

She has 30 years of experience in the food sector - working in an international environment on the development of sustainable food products with high taste and aroma.

She is inspired by creating emotions through new sensory experiences. She is interested in using wild plants for consumption and spreading knowledge about them. Observing the strong current trend of returning to nature and sustainability, she believes that one of the manifestations of this trend should be a renewed interest in edible plants from the wild, which are now changing their cultural role, becoming part of exquisite, healthy and modern dishes and culinary experiments.

1. How do you take care of yourself on a daily basis?

I become my own friend every day by addressing myself in the same way I would address someone I truly love.

2. How do you understand mind-body balance?

I am present in the here and now, not regretting the past or worrying about the future. I believe that I have my path that has brought me to where I am now and that everything I need to fulfill my desires I already have, and that the only legitimate authority is my body, which I take care of every day.

3. What inspires you?

I am inspired by the contact with nature - a meadow, a forest, a dirt road full of beautiful and useful plants that, being so full of green, soothe my head, calm my body and, when I collect them, give me the opportunity to focus my mind despite the hustle and bustle around.