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Irina Feygina

Dr. Irina Feygina is a social psychologist who applies behavioral science to policy and program development and evaluation in areas of energy efficiency, clean technology adoption, environmental protection, sustainability, and climate change assessment and adaptation, as well as climate communication and outreach. She also draws on facilitation and organizational behavior approaches to support climate and clean energy organizations, develop tools for environmental practitioners, and support individuals and teams amidst challenges, growth, and transitions. She has served as the Director of Behavioral Science and Assessment at Climate Central, as Fellow on the White House Social and Behavioral Sciences Team, and as a AAAS/APA Congressional Fellow in the U.S. Senate. She completed her doctorate at New York University and postdoctoral work at Rutgers University. She enjoys forests, bodies of water, and mountains, large-scale political change, well-facilitated conflict, turning her place of residence into an art project, and being in community.