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Paulina Szmerk

Eco-enthusiast, hemp enthusiast, herbalist and promoter of healthy lifestyle. Graduate of early childhood education, re-socialization with social prevention as well as herbal-medical postgraduate studies of "Plants and plant materials for health". Graduate of courses in 'clinical aromatherapy' 'naturopathy - natural methods of treatment' confirmed by MEN diploma, also of a course in massage with herbal stamps, a participant of many conferences on therapeutic properties of cannabis. Combines theory and practice. Creates herbal products for the soul and body, natural incense, essential oils, herbal mixtures. She is an advocate of natural therapies, constantly deepening her knowledge of naturotherapy, specifically the influence of hemp and food on our lives. Author of the book Hemp's ABC - where theory meets practice, the publication “Hemp to boost immunity”, as well as numerous herbal articles appearing in the Polish magazine Live Naturally. Creator of plant-based recipes. Founder of Herba Sfero - a place promoting natural therapies and healthy lifestyle, herbal store and publishing house.
How do you take care of yourself every day?
I start my day with a morning ritual. This is my moment alone with myself, it allows me to collect my thoughts, organize my day and charge me with positive energy. A short meditation, warm water with lemon, morning stretching, writing down my thoughts and plan for the day makes me feel good. I try to go for a long walk every day, I use essential oils. I care about what goes on my plate and live with the belief that you are what you eat. I focus on plant-based and minimally processed foods, and cooking for myself and others brings me great joy.
What is unique to you about your relationship with plants?
My adventure with plants began quite long time ago, practically since childhood I loved walking with my grandfather in the meadows and learning about new plants. Time passed, and my passion for plants continues to this day and takes on a deeper and deeper face. It is extremely fascinating that the world of plants is closely connected to every sphere of human life. I appreciate the fact that they are with us, their beauty, therapeutic properties.
What inspires you?
Nature itself is incredibly inspiring, the abundance of colors, scents, and wide use of herbs makes me want to discover even more amazing remedies straight from nature.