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Piotr Ciemny

Professional chef, who started his adventure with cooking in Wroclaw, then he moved to Warsaw, where he honed his skills in prestigious restaurants. Next was the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, where he worked in star restaurants (108 * and Alchemist **, 58th restaurant in the world). Passionate about wild herbs, weeds, nature. The author of the book the movement and the idea, "Weeds from the Kitchen, " promotes cuisine in which wild herbs and everything that can be found in the natural environment reign.

a) How do you take care of yourself on a daily basis?

The most important thing for me is the right amount of sleep. On this, I build my whole new day. Because every good night's sleep means a successful day. I try to clear my mind of negative emotions. Good music can arouse a lot of positive energy in me. Frequent contact with nature led to my reduced meat consumption to a minimum, and despite appearances, I have strength and feel great. A balanced diet, good energy and well-being is my recipe for a successful day.

b) What inspires you?


It may sound trivial from the perspective of my hobbies, but I get my inspiration from nature. I often spend my free time somewhere in the middle of the forest with my dog Dexter. I love the silence, and consistency can calm me down. It teaches me a lot and inspires me. Because everything there works together, it's one organism, a symbiosis that works perfectly together. It inspires and gives a lot of food for thought.

c) How do you understand the balance of mind and body?


I love the word symbiosis; the mind and body must live in symbiosis and balance—considering what I do daily, cooking. I can't cook with a negative attitude bad energy; in that case, I let go. Therefore, it is crucial to balance the mind with the body; this is the key to success.