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5 Reasons – Why you Need to buy an Air Fryer today

Published: 25/10/2022
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As a pretty new kitchen appliance on the market, an Air Fryer is not always considered the most trustworthy gadget. A lot of people compare it to a microwave which is completely unjustified as we will talk about a bit later. Furthermore, many do not see the clear benefits and reasons to purchase an Air fryer, fighting the ever-changing cooking scene and refusing to try out new techniques and methods. 

I still remember my skepticism when I got my first Air Fryer (as a birthday gift). I was not overly excited as I did not think that a plastic-made microwave-knockoff appliance would play such an important role in my day-to-day cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. 

So, without further adieu, let’s take a look at 5 Reasons why you need to buy an Air Fryer today!

Table of Contents:

  1. Oil Free Cooking
  2. Less Time Consumption
  3. Built-In Timer
  4. Less Energy Consumption
  5. Imitate traditional cooking methods
  6. In Conclusion

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Oil Free Cooking

The first reason, for me, is one of the most important ones. Remember how we air fried the Crunchiest chicken without using any oil (hyperlink to the recipe)? Well, this benefit of air frying is definitely a key to its success and popularity. In today’s world we all aim to be healthy and sustainable. The Air fryer helps you achieve this goal while at the same time cooking flavorful and nutritious meals. As a result, cooking without oil has never been easier. 

I do believe that oil, olive and coconut in particular, must be present in your diet in moderation. That said, logically your food does not need to be drenched in it. 

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Less Time Consumption

Another key reason to use an air fryer is the time you use to prepare a meal. By air frying your dinner as opposed to oven baking it, you cut time in half. As the hot air circulation is much faster in an Air fryer, as opposed to a traditional oven, the cooking process is speedier and the dish is ready in no time.

Built-In Timer

One of my favorite reasons to have an Air fryer is its built-in timer. Most traditional ovens do not have one and you need to constantly check on your dish. No more continuous trips to your oven! The struggle is over with the air fryer. You can set your temperature, set your timer and await the delightful sound when the food is ready. 

Less Energy Consumption

Continuing with reason number 4 – Energy Consumption. According to, the oven is one of the most high-consumption appliances in your home, together with the air-conditioner, fridge and heater. The reason behind this is that any device that converts energy in order to lower or higher a temperature, requires a massive amount of power. An Air Fryer, on the other hand, while still operating under the same principle (raising the temperature) does not require the same amount of energy. The logic behind its low energy consumption is that it uses high-speed hot air along with a ventilator. 

Imitate traditional cooking methods

Last but not least, using an Air fryer, you can imitate traditional cooking methods. What does this mean? Well, you can prepare various dishes using different techniques in just one appliance. For instance, you can bake bread or rotisserie chicken. You can air fry breaded pork chops or grill vegetables. You can even reheat your leftover dinner in just a few minutes. The Air fryer offers versatile cooking methods, and it just requires you to be ready and willing to experiment. 

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In Conclusion

While air frying is still quite a new cooking method, its popularity is increasing fast. The convenience, ease and adaptability of the appliance makes it a perfect partner in crime in the Kitchen. 

There are multiple reasons why you need to go buy one now and this is just the beginning…

Now let’s explore some of the most popular Air fryers on the market:

Philippsa classic choice, Philipps is the first to introduce and start producing Air fryers

Philips HD9252/90 Airfryer (1400 W, for 2-3 people, 800 g/4,1 l, digital screen), black color 

Ninja Foodi – having dual baskets means that you can air fry two completely different dishes at the same time, with different temperatures and set times

Ninja Foodi [AF300EU] Dual Zone, 2470 W, 7.6 litres, Black, Plastic 

Innskywith a built-in glass door, this type of Air fryer mimics an oven and has a rotisserie program 

Innsky Air Fryer 10L 1500W with 10 Cooking programs and an LED screen

Naturally Balanced
The Naturally Balanced team includes experts in their field who create the best content for you, collaborating on their knowledge and experience.