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The Power of Affirmation – Can You Trust It?

Published: 21/03/2022
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Numerous development and motivation manuals mention affirmation. Some people are big supporters of this method, while others are sceptical about it. As is often the case, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Affirmations can be an effective tool for many people, but everything depends on one’s individual approach.

Table of Contents:

  1. What are affirmations
  2. How affirmations work
  3. How to use the power of affirmations in your life
  4. Summary

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What are affirmations

According to the Polish language dictionary, affirmation is a word that means agreeing to something and recognising something as suitable and good. People often refer to “life-affirmation”, meaning everyday joy, positive attitude and faith in a better tomorrow. This term, however, can be narrowed down to the field of psychology, where affirmation is understood as a tool or technique to improve the quality of life.

So what does affirmation involve? What exactly is it? Technically speaking, it is a sentence that refers to your dreams or plans. It needs to be correctly formulated and then repeated regularly. It increases motivation, self-confidence and belief in success.

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How affirmations work

Many books have been written about affirmations, including the famous “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy and “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. But some people may find these books too naïve and reject the idea of using affirmations altogether. That’s a shame because this method can be very effective.

Affirmation is not “hocus-pocus”. It works because it uses the mechanism of autosuggestion. Perfectly complementing relaxation techniques and meditation, affirmation helps to highlight positive aspects of reality and motivates to act. But those who think that affirmations consist of mindless repetition of sentences are wrong. It is an effort, especially at the beginning, when your affirmation needs to be formulated and then repeated regularly every day to form a daily habit.

How to use the power of affirmations in your life

Affirmations can change your life for the better. But not always and not in every case. You need to keep in mind a few guidelines if you want to start using affirmations effectively.

Openness. For affirmations to be effective, you need to be open to such methods. It is not about being overly optimistic. But your positive attitude and a belief that this tool can work are key.

What to remember?

Formulate your affirmations in the right way. Many people wonder how to word their affirmations. You can find examples in books and on the Internet. Still, the best way is to write them yourself. This is an excellent opportunity to think about what matters to you and what you need. Express your affirmations in the first person (“I…”, “I am…”, “I feel…”). They also need to refer to the present. Make them positive and concise. And it is worth filling them with your emotions.

Persistence. Persistence is essential for the affirmation to be effective. Repeat affirmations every day; simply make it a habit. What’s important is not to create specific scenarios in your head relating to the future but instead focus on repeating the affirmation itself.

Tailor your affirmations. Affirmations do not necessarily need to have a spoken form. You can write them down, sing or even visualise them in your mind. This is an individual matter. Experiment in this area to find out the best form of affirmation for yourself.

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Affirmations are a tool that many people use very effectively. They serve to improve the quality of life and encourage one to believe in one’s own strength and achieve one’s goals. But this method does not work in all cases. Some remain sceptical, while others, on the other hand, have no patience for it. Still, affirmations show how much the way we think and formulate our thoughts affects our life. Thus, it is a way to train ourselves to be positive and create supportive messages. The brain, like muscles, can be exercised, while negative thoughts and attitudes can be turned into positive ones.

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The Naturally Balanced team includes experts in their field who create the best content for you, collaborating on their knowledge and experience.