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Healing Comes Naturally

Are you a nature lover, therapist or an educator?
Do you practice mindfulness?

Incorporate ecotherapy into your life and work.
Improve your health Integrating nature-based activities into your work can be hugely beneficial, and this e-book is your place to start!

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Healing Comes Naturally
In this ebook you will learn what ecotherapy is and how to incorporate it in your practice. You will also get practical tools that could be used in professional practice to support adults, children, youth and families.


With this ebook you will:

✔️ Understand the concept of ecotherapy and how it relates to mental health

✔️ Learn how a deeper connection to nature can improve the quality of life

✔️ Learn how to incorporate the therapeutic power of mindfulness and being in nature into your practice

✔️ Receive tools and activities that you can practice with your clients

✔️ Get inspired to explore the endless potential of relating to nature as a co-therapist


If you would like to introduce nature-based therapy into your professional practice,
this ebook is for you.

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The key aspects of ecotherapy are:

🌿 Practitioner’s relationship with nature

🌿 Nature as co-therapist

🌿 Full-body engagement and play

🌿 Restoration and regulation

🌿 Bonding and belonging

Today, we are increasingly disconnected from nature, with the majority of people in urban settings rarely spending time outside.
This guide aims to reconnect you with the healing power of nature and the self when practised regularly.


It is our hope that this e-book will provide a spark for you to consider applying the natural world in your professional practice. This ebook is a starting point to introduce ecopsychology into the clinical setting.


Sylwia Kieszkowska  

Sylwia gained her experience working as a psychotherapist both in psychiatric institutions (IPIN, MORS) and with many NGOs in Poland (Feminoteka Foundation) and Spain (AESCO, Intress). She co-founded Naturally, to spread the idea of ecotherapy among helping professionals. She is certified ecotherapist and a forest bathing guide. As a psychotherapist, Sylvia provides individual and group therapy in Barcelona.

In this ebook:

🌿 Introduction 🌿 Exposure to nature 🌿 Journaling 🌿
🌿 Art Therapy 🌿 Breathing 🌿 Conclusions 🌿

We hope that this ebook serves as inspiration and an invitation to explore how healing can come naturally. As we consider the needs of our patients and clients, it is important to remember that healing often begins when they feel safe, relaxed and comfortable. Advising them to go for a quiet walk through a forest or park can reduce their stress level, helping thrm feel more calm and relaxed.

By serving as a co-therapist, nature provides mental and physical benefits beyond traditional practice alone. Ecotherapy offers tools and techniques to deepen the healing process. Those experiences remind people that healing their relationship with the world can mean that they are also healing their inner world.