Naturally Balanced > Welcome to the first professional workshop of Ecotherapy in Barcelona!

Welcome to the first professional workshop of Ecotherapy in Barcelona!

Discover Ecotherapy Workshop

Are you a nature lover, therapist, coach
or health professional?

Register for our workshop and get new tools.

Special bonus!
Jouko Kivimetsä from Finland will be our special guest:
a world renowned ecotherapist,
specialized in wild edible plants!

📅 21.01.2021 at 10 a.m

Only 49 €


The workshop is designed for 3,5 hours.

Limited places!

We invite you to our workshop led by experienced practitioners in ecotherapy, taking place in a leading hub of sustainability Apocapoc’s Nest City Lab in Barcelona


Start 2023 with new professional tools!

During the workshop we will explore:

🌿 The healing power of nature as a therapeutic tool

🌿 The restorative effects of plants on physical, mental and emotional health

🌿 How to design a green workspace

🌿 Practical tools to use nature in your practice

And plenty more!


New research has shown that integrating nature-based activities into many professions can significantly increase professional effectiveness, thus boosting the practices of their leaders!


The evidence-based benefits of plant therapy for our physical and psychological health:

🌱 Boosted immune system

🌱 Reduced stress, depression and anxiety

🌱 Deeper sleep

🌱 Increased happiness, creativity and connectedness

🌱 Balanced blood pressure

And many more!



The workshop is designed to gain new tools. Visiting this award-winning sustainability hub will introduce you to like-minded professionals and potential clients.

Furthermore, participation offers you a discount to join our foraging workshop led by the renowned Finish expert Jouko Kivimetsä, held the following day!

Places are limited, so register now!

Workshop leaders:

The workshop will be held by two experts in eco and plant therapy:

Sylwia Kieszkowska – Psychotherapist, Ecopsychologist, Ecotherapist

Sylwia gained her experience working as a psychotherapist in both psychiatric institutions, and with NGOs in Poland and Spain. She co-founded Naturally Balanced to spread the idea of ecotherapy among helping professionals. She is a certified ecotherapist and forest bathing guide. Sylwia practices both individual and group therapy in Barcelona.

Sanitha - Planteka

Sanitha Alam – Founder of Planteka Community

Sanitha founded the Planteka as a community and marketplace for plant lovers, with the mission to bring people together through their connection to plants. Her work is inspired by growing up in the abundant nature of Kerala (India) and by her mother, who is a teacher of botany. Kerala is also where Ayurveda originated, allowing Sanitha to grow up learning about medicinal plants, and understanding the therapeutic benefits that plants have on us.

We are a community of experts and nature lovers gathered around the portal and we promote healthy contact with nature, we educate on various forms of ecotherapy, pointing to the possible therapeutic influence of nature and forest as well as the natural environment on our physical and mental health. Read about our experts here