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Plant Care for Self Care Masterclass

Published: 27/04/2023
Author: Naturally


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Get effective & quick tools to implement in your daily routine or with your clients!
Use plants you already have at home or office to boost your mood.

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29 EUR
ONLY in May – the month of mental health care
Join us as we explore how to use plant care as self care.

You don’t have to buy expensive supplements or equipment!
Learn the secrets of ecotherapy, get ready to use tools to use in the sessions with your clients.

Is this Masterclass for you?

This masterclass is for people looking for selfcare, nature lovers, psychologists, therapists, for hard working people looking for self-routine to increase their well-being.
You can customize it with your own plants if desired (and we’ll teach you how!).
Take your favorite plant with you for this masterclass!


Join us and immerse yourself in nature and plant care in the comfort of your own home, without leaving the house.
You’ll get the recording if you can’t attend in person.
And we’ll make sure that each time you need it again, you’ll be able to access it.

In this unique online masterclass, we’ll cover:

✓ How to incorporate more plant care into your life without adding stress or taking time away from other priorities
✓ The science behind ecotherapy: How being in nature can improve mental health outcomes
✓ How to improve your mood by taking care of plants at work, as well as how to use them in psychological therapy sessions.
✓ If you are a busy person, you will discover how low-maintenance plants can help you recharge and refocus.

JOIN the experts 1st June 2023 ONLINE
Limited places, so do yourself a favour and reserve your place today!

Meet the facilitators!

Two experts will help you discover new tools for working with plants.
Sylwia, a psychotherapist and ecotherapist & Sanitha, a plant expert.

Sylwia Kieszkowska – Psychotherapist, Ecopsychologist, Co-Founder of Naturally Balanced
Sylwia gained her experience working as a psychotherapist in both psychiatric institutions, and with NGOs in Poland and Spain. She co-founded Naturally Balanced to spread the idea of ecotherapy among helping professionals. She is a certified ecotherapist and forest bathing guide. Sylwia practises both individual and group therapy in Barcelona.

Sanitha Alam- Founder of Planteka Community
Sanitha founded the Planteka as a community and marketplace for plant lovers, with the mission to bring people together through their connection to plants. Her work is inspired by growing up in the abundant nature of Kerala (India) and by her mother, who is a teacher of botany. Kerala is also where Ayurveda originated, allowing Sanintha to grow up learning about medicinal plants, and understanding the therapeutic benefits that plants have on us.

What is Ecotherapy

One of the most important aspects of self-care is to connect with nature.
Ecotherapy is a new trend that has been gaining popularity over the last few years.
It combines mental health therapy and plant care to create a feeling of harmony and well-being.

How does it work?

Sylwia and Sanitha will help you discover new tools for working with plants in your home, garden or work.

This includes tips on how to find space for plants in your home or apartment— even if you live in a small space.

What kind of plants are we talking about here?

We will be using common houseplants such as Aloe Vera or African Violets which are easy to grow at home or anywhere else.