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Self-discipline – what is it and how to build it?

Published: 06/11/2023
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Self-discipline is a key factor in achieving goals, managing time effectively, and maintaining healthy habits in both personal and professional spheres. It involves the capacity to manage one’s actions, decisions, and emotions to achieve long-term objectives, even in the face of challenges or distractions.

Self-discipline reflects the ability to take action, even when it is not pleasant or convenient at the time. This means being able to overcome inner resistance, avoid procrastination, and maintain disciplined habits. Self-discipline is about planning, organizing, and pursuing goals, even when faced with obstacles.

Table of contents:

  1. Why is self-discipline important?
  2. How to build self-discipline?
  3. Summary

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Why is self-discipline important?

It is essential for success. Lacking self-discipline can hinder our ability to perform at our best, maintain focus, and operate efficiently in different areas of life. It empowers us to conquer inertia, delay, and other counterproductive habits that can restrict our capabilities. 

How to build self-discipline?

Building self-discipline is an extremely important element of achieving goals, managing time and leading a balanced lifestyle. It is a skill that allows you to effectively pursue the intended results, even in the face of difficulties or temptations.

As we cultivate self-discipline, we grow more consistent in initiating action, sustaining wholesome habits, and concentrating on our priorities. Discovering ways to build this skill can have a significant impact on your effectiveness, productivity, and achievement of your personal and professional goals. There are key steps that help you build and maintain self-discipline in various areas of your life.

Define goals and values

The first step in building self-discipline is to define specific goals and values that are important to us. Defining what we want to achieve and what motivates us will help us find strong reasons to act and persevere.

Create plans and schedules

Planning is key to building self-discipline. Create schedules and action plans to help you stay focused and in control of your time. Introducing routines and structure into your life will make it easier to achieve your goals and reduce temptations that can distract you. 

Eliminate temptations and distractions

Building self-discipline requires eliminating temptations and distractions that can distract us from our goals. Focus on eliminating negative habits and replacing them with positive ones. Avoid situations that can lead to temptations and make it difficult to concentrate.

Develop habits of regularity

Cultivating consistent habits is crucial for enhancing self-discipline. Choose specific activities that you will do regularly and stick to them. Habituation will help you strengthen your self-discipline and keep progress towards your goals.

Be kind to yourself

An important aspect of fostering self-discipline is practicing self-compassion. We are not perfect, so sometimes we can deviate from our plan. It is important not to give up in such moments, but also not to treat deviations as a failure. Be gentle with yourself, but at the same time motivated to continue your effort. 


In conclusion, developing self-discipline is fundamental to achieving personal and professional goals, leading a balanced life, and coping with stress and adversity. By setting clear goals, planning effectively, eliminating distractions, forming consistent habits, and treating ourselves with kindness, we build the psychological strength necessary for resilience and growth. Patience and reflection are key as we work to understand ourselves and respond constructively to challenges. Strengthening self-discipline enhances our productivity, self-esteem, and emotional control, ultimately enabling us to realize our full potential and achieve our dreams.

Naturally Balanced
The Naturally Balanced team includes experts in their field who create the best content for you, collaborating on their knowledge and experience.