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Is it worth to go into psychotherapy?

Published: 30/05/2022
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Many people consider taking up psychotherapy. Although there are many positive opinions about this method, some people are doubtful. You might wonder if talking to a therapist can actually help you. You may also bear in mind that psychotherapy is a long process, in some cases spanning several years. It requires not only time and availability, but very often also money, as many people choose to receive psychotherapeutic help in a private practice. The question is: is it worth it?

Table of Contents:

  1. Psychotherapy – is it worth to go into it?
  2. Psychotherapy – advantages and disadvantages
  3. Summary

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Psychotherapy – is it worth to go into it?

Psychotherapy is a method that allows you to expand your awareness, better understand your behaviour and motives, and change troublesome habits. This process, however, requires work and commitment. Some meetings with the therapist can be emotionally exhausting, while the memories that are recalled and discussed may be simply painful. Psychotherapy is not always an easy and pleasant process and may be emotionally demanding for you. But it is worth it, especially if the therapist is competent and as a patient you feel you can trusts them and be honest with them.  Experiencing difficult feelings during therapy is something natural, and often even necessary. It allows to sort out things from the past and gain awareness about some important issues.  Thanks to this, you can learn to live here and now, free yourself from several unpleasant symptoms (such as anxiety or insomnia) and improve your quality of life. Your relationships with other people will also become deeper and more important.

Psychotherapy – advantages and disadvantages

Even though research confirms that psychotherapy is effective, it is not a perfect method. It generally requires patience and motivation, as well as time and money. If not given by a competent therapist, psychotherapy can even be harmful. For this reason, you should always ask the specialist about his or her qualifications. Psychotherapy does not always produce quick results, which may be seen as its disadvantage. Sometimes you may even have the impression that you feel even worse. This is connected with analysing and experiencing different situations on a deeper level. However, this is a transitional moment which is necessary to achieve a lasting change for the better.

Psychotherapy often makes people re-evaluate their lives. They start to be more assertive, which may not please some people around them. Undergoing a therapy often leads to a decision to leave toxic relationships or environments that are unfavourable to you. You may experience some difficult moments when you will need to face resentment or unpleasant responses from others. But going through these moments and surviving them will help to free yourself from many problems and to regain inner peace. Thus, it turns out that what seemed a disadvantage at first glance eventually brings benefits in the long run. Changes are not easy, but they are often necessary in order to improve your wellbeing. Therapeutic methods help to achieve the desired goal, including developing a deeper connection with yourself and living on a deeper level. Many people who have undergone therapy say that all the costs have been worth it. Unfortunately, not everyone has the strength and motivation to get through difficult moments in psychotherapy. This method requires you to be emotionally ready and mature. It does not work in every case, although psychotherapy itself is a treatment method whose effectiveness is scientifically proven.

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Before going for psychotherapy, people often muse on the sense of the process. In general, however, if you consider a psychotherapy at all, it usually means that you need it and are open to a change. In this situation, it is worth going to a certified psychotherapist with confirmed qualifications, and start a long but satisfying work on your life and yourself with them. Remember that even though this process may sometimes be exhausting and difficult, it is natural and very much worth it.

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Naturally Balanced
The Naturally Balanced team includes experts in their field who create the best content for you, collaborating on their knowledge and experience.